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George III Royal Coat of Arms moved to Lincoln

If you have had occasion to look into the old choir vestry recently, you may have noticed that the George III coat of arms, which had been resting against the wall for some time, has now disappeared! The painting has finally be removed to Lincoln University where it will be completely restored by the Conservators of Lincoln Conservation.


The painting was originally given to All Saints' in or around 1761, presumably by a benefactor who would have paid for the work to be painted by a local artist. Originally it hung above the chancel arch and was flanked by the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments. At some unknown date the coat of arms was removed from there and hung in the choir vestry at the west end of the church. There it stayed, hidden from view and largely forgotten, until 2019 when it was noticed by a visitor to the church tower who initiated  a funding bid to have it restored.


In  January 2022 we were approached by Exel Computer Systems, whose offices are located at Bothe Hall in Sawley, with an offer to fund the restoration of the painting. This very generous gesture has meant that the restoration work can now begin. The work  will take from three to four months. When complete the coat of arms will be re-hung in All Saints above the west door, where it should create quite an impression

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