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Our Churchyard

Erewash borough council are responsible for the maintenance of the churchyard.  If you have any queries regarding the grounds, please contact the council direct.

Please note that the bins for churchyard waste are located in the grounds and and emptied regularly by the council.  We ask politely that you avoid using the church hall bins.


All Saints PCC and the Eco-Church committee have designated an area to the rear of the building to revert back to nature. 

Read our Eco-Church Story here.

Notice of Changes to Churchyard regulations

Dear Visitors to Sawley Churchyard,

We write to inform you of changes to the regulations governing the management of Church of England Churchyards.

These changes will come into effect from the 1st December 2021 and it is hoped that they will help to safeguard the environment and contribute to the orderly upkeep of the Churchyard.

The Church Council, having considered the changes carefully, have decided that the items relating to the reduction and removal of plastic from Churchyards should be implemented in Sawley as soon as possible.

We therefore respectfully ask that:

*You refrain from leaving plastic flowers, models, toys and solar-powered lights on graves.

* You remove cellophane wrappings from cut flowers and dispose of these in the bins provided.

* You do not lay synthetic grass on graves.

* You remove seasonal tributes containing plastics such as Christmas wreaths after two months. These can also be disposed of in the bins provided.

Thank you for your consideration and help in this matter.

The Rector and Church Wardens, All Saints' Sawley.


Please note, this churchyard is maintained by Erewash Borough Council and administered by All Saints' Church Council. All enquiries relating to this notice should be directed to the Church Wardens 

Churchyard tidy-up.

On the 29th April 2024 some of our volunteers were working in the graveyard, removing Christmas tributes and dead flowers. Some artificial flowers were removed if degraded or strewn by the wind. 


A reminder that the churchyard regulations state that plastic flowers are not allowed, nor should any ornaments be left on graves at All Saints. 


Fresh flowers and living plants in pots are welcomed, but must be removed once no longer productive.


We acknowledge that Christmas arrangements may be left and these will be removed after 2-3 months.


Many thanks for your help in keeping the churchyard a neutral, natural, beautiful space for all visitors to enjoy and use for reflection.

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